Sijo #15

Blue Woman

I have never been a blue woman

until tonight. I drive in color cast

from dozens of police beacons.

Sirens are silent when I ask them

what is civil about a disturbance,

since when were sidewalks private?

Sijo #10

Lin-Manuel Miranda is America’s Modern Day Bard and Other Thoughts Watching Hamilton Alone on Saturday Night

For fun I watch the musical Hamilton

over and over

so I won’t forget how to stay on beat,

how that downward chord progression

makes me smile, sing on key,

gives me a good, ugly cry without fail.

Sijo #6

I break with waves on shoreline,

watch their steady, redundant work.

Face to face with oceans, I am small

countless grains of sand clinging

to my body, holding on to my sweat.

Stubborn, they refuse to be brushed away.

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