Dresses and Messes


Pristine white dresses hang in a closet. Easter is just around the corner and I willfully ignored all logic and bought satin white dresses. A week later, I looked at them. Clearly, they are a sign of my bad judgement.

What was I thinking?  

Five-year olds are notoriously messy and mine are no exception. They’re more concerned about exploring bushes and eating chocolate than staying clean. I run my hand along the flawless satin trim and pearls. These dresses don’t stand a chance. Should I exchange them?


Somehow, we get the idea that our lives are like those pristine white dresses. They are to be hung and admired rather than worn.   But lives, like dresses, are meant to be lived in. And sometimes, messes happen.

Life is beautiful. Life is messy.   Maybe you’ve been thinking about foster care. You would love to help, but you’re worried it might mess things up.   You’re right, foster care will get messy. Expanded living always does. But the passage of time is like a trip to the dry cleaners.   The messes disappear and all that’s left is beauty.

As I reflect on late night calls from DSS, the tightrope-walk of reunification, and the rollercoaster of emotions, I know it’s messy. Easter approaches, and I am more certain than ever that resurrection power can transform a mess into something beautiful.

You know what? I think I’ll keep the dresses. After all, they’re beautiful. 20190409_221300

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1 thought on “Dresses and Messes

  1. Perfectly written Danielle!

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