7 Things That Saved My Writing Life in 2021

  1. Writing Utensil Pouch: 2021 was a year of flexible workspace. The Delde pencil pouch made the transition from virtual to hybrid to in-person instruction feel a little bit calmer. I loved how the pouch converted to a cup which made my dining room and bedroom feel like an official workspace.
  2. Artist Loft Dotted Journals: Dotted journals allowed me to move from from my pre-planning, which often involves sketching and concept maps, to drafting. Artist Loft journals were also inexpensive and sturdy which meant I never felt like they were too precious for daily pages and I took them with me everywhere. (Carpool line. Doctor’s office. Skating rink. Park.)
  3. South Carolina Literary Organizations: The South Carolina Writer’s Association, the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and the Pat Conroy Literary Center stayed committed to providing high quality literary experiences in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. Thanks to their commitment to digitizing events, I was able to attend more workshops, conferences, and meetings than ever before. I realize this pivot required hours of behind the scene work by committed volunteers. Their passion and dedication was a gift.
  4. Dark Chocolate: Need I say more?
  5. Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea: If I were a hot tea, I would be Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea. The blend is spicy and sweet and the tea bags are strong enough to be used for a second cup. I purchase mine in the grocery aisle at Target, but Fresh Market also carries the tea. You can order online as well. As an added bonus, you can re-purpose the tin as a planter.
  6. Fellow Writers: In 2021, writing felt lonelier than ever. Thankfully, writers all over the world helped me feel connected with a swipe, tap, or click. These amazing creators provided valuable instruction that energized my writing practice. Additionally, when it was safe, I was able to meet up with other poets to walk and talk craft. Their encouragement and insight encouraged me to keep writing.
  7. Richland County Public Library: My library’s selection of books and resources is phenomenal. Access to materials such as audio books, music, and hardcover best sellers provided the escape and relief I needed to return to the real world refreshed.
Seriously, this tea is the best.

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