Fresh Air for Foster Parents

One morning I woke up and my tire was completely, impossibly flat.   My neighbor explained there must be a slow leak.  His skilled hands rubbed a little water and soap on the tire.  Then he cranked up the air compressor to identify where the air was escaping.  After a few minutes he identified the hole and plugged it up.

“You’re as good a new,” he said.

I was stunned.  What I thought would be a pricey new tire, was a simple, quick fix for a slow leak.

There were many times I felt as deflated as the tire on my van as a foster parent.   I thought the fix would be complex.   But over the years, I’ve learned that sometimes my problem is a slow leak that can be identified and plugged up.

I think everyone needs a neighbor like mine.  Someone who has learned a little and is willing to share what they know to take care of the flat and get you on the road.   While my mechanical expertise is limited, I do have a little experience fostering.   I’ve learned that recognizing and being aware of my feeling is key.   Sometimes, I just need to open my eyes and realize I need a little fresh air.

Everyone gets filled up in different ways.  How do you fill up when you’re feeling flat?  What’s you’re quick fix for a slow leak?

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