Losing It: Mother Yourself

Sometimes, I forget as I mother my kiddos, I need to mother myself as well.   Here are four ways you can join me in Mothering Yourself.

  1. Time to see the doctor.   I’ve scheduled ALL those medical appointments I’ve been putting off.   If I tell other people their health is important, my health is important too.    Two down and three to go.  Hooray.
  2.  It’s bed time.  Go to sleep.  Sure, it’s tempting to soak in the serenity a quiet house in the dark hours.   But seriously, go to sleep.
  3. Chew your food.  When the evening is full of activities, I find myself wolfing down food.   I’m not sure if I think this will buy me an extra few minutes or I’m worried about being late.  Either way, I need to slow down.
  4. Play with your friends.   Whether it’s a phone call or a girls night out,   get together with your  friends.    Studies show it’s great for your health.  


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