Love Makes Room At the Table


She’s a caregiver, a spiritual mother, a pioneer in the work force, ministry and her community. She also happens to be the reason I met the man of my dreams. Colleen Benway runs circles around women half her age. Her wisdom and contagious laugh are a gift to all those she meets.

One thing that stands out about Colleen is her deep commitment to hospitality. I’m not talking about just inviting people over for meals. She invites people into her life. She’s never turned away anyone in need of a meal or bed. She’s so known for her open heart, her home is dubbed Hotel Benway.

Because of her stellar example, it was natural for my husband and I to say yes to opening our home to kids in need through foster care and adoption.

We watched her.  Grandma Benway miraculously always has enough. She knows you simply can’t out give God. Her example declares the joys of abiding with Jesus.  And  her table?  It’s always full of good food, laughter, and encouragement.  Why?  Because love makes room at the table.


All great change in America begins at the dinner table.  -Ronald Reagan

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