Losing It: A Plot Twist

I didn’t see this coming.   When I visited the doctor to  for my check ups, they found something unusual- 3 large cysts on my ovaries.  So Tuesday, they’re getting removed.

While it’s unfortunate that I have to have surgery, I feel thankful to have some solutions to the symptoms I’ve been encountering.

Did you know ovarian cysts:

  1.  Get your hormones out of whack.   Feeling hot flashes or imbalanced?    This could be the culprit.  My progesterone  is really low.   A result,  it’s hard to lose weight and I feel tired.
  2.  Cause abdominal pain.  I thought I was just feeling gassy, but that dull pressure that comes and goes was my body saying something isn’t right.
  3.  Cause urinary urgency.   I chalked this up to giving birth to three kids, but no.

It struck me how I simply accepted these symptoms as my new status quo.  How much have I needlessly suffered because I didn’t take time to listen to my body and schedule appointments?  Ugh!

I get it.   If you’re adopting or fostering, you likely have your calendar booked with home visits, parent visits, therapist visits, caseworker visits.    It seems impractical to schedule an appointment for something that may or may not need to be addressed when there are so many urgent things that NEED addressed.

We get trapped in thinking we can put off our needs.   But here’s the catch:  A family needs healthy, happy parents to be healthy and happy.   Do what it takes to get there. Maybe you need a day off, a gym membership, a doctor visit, a therapist, better nutrition.    If you have the means, make it happen.

Taking care of yourself is one of the most unselfish things you can do.   The children you take care of are precious gifts from God.  But don’t forget that you are too.




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