Poetry Challenge for April: Sijo

Last Saturday, thanks to the Poetry Society of South Carolina, I attended a workshop hosted by Michele Reese called the Art of the Line. After writing (or failing to write) in iambic pentameter and deconstructing poems in small groups, we talked about form. Generally, I don’t limit myself to form when I write but in a fleeting moment of inspiration, I mentioned that I would love to challenge myself to writing in a form for a given amount of time. Poet, Yvette Murray offered to join me in the fun. We exchanged a few emails and landed on playing around with the Korean Sijo form. I owe her for introducing me to this lovely form which resembles the Haiku, but allows more syllables per line.

So for the month of April, I will write one Sijo every day. Every. Day.

Speaking of Saturday, Mr. Kendrick was in my small group during the workshop and said he often tells his students some writers are microwaves and some are crockpots. I relate to the later. I need time. The magic in my writing happens in revision. Adopting a microwave writing stance for a month will be new. But, I am okay with that. Crockpots may be great for savory stew, but sometimes a buttery bag of Orville Redenbacher is just the thing. Here’s to an April of popcorn poems.

Vernal Equinox

Blue Earth straightens herself out 

proud head held high, aligned just right.

After a wild dance with stars

her skirt hem hangs even 

a moment, a short pause

before she spins, dips again.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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